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What's Next from Sinister Smile Press?

2022 - 2023 Publishing Schedule

Our publishing schedule is chock-full with releases. See what we are up to below:



  • If I Die Before I Wake Volumes 1-6 limited editions will be available and shipping in late fall of 2022.

  • Project Hindsight, a novel by Steven Pajak, will be out in winter of 2022.

  • Lethal Lords and Ladies of the Night: The Vampire Stories of Scott Harper Books 1&2 will be out in the winter of 2022.

  • Everything Went to Shit: A Horror Collection by R.E. Sargent releases late 2022.

  • The House of Smarba, a novel by Mike Duke, releases in January of 2023.

  • Just a Girl: A Badass Women of Horror anthology releases March 31st, 2023 and is currently available for pre-order.

  • Dead Hookers in Gas Station Bathrooms: Road Trip Horror is an anthology that will be available on or before June 5th, 2023. Watch for an open call for stories in October 2022.

  • If I Die Before I Wake Volume 8: Tales of Death and Destruction will be available August 21st, 2023. Look for an open call in December of 2022.

  • If I Die Before I Wake Volume 9: Tales of Halloween Horror will be available October 16th, 2023. Look for an open call in February of 2023.

  • Screaming in the Night: Sinister Supernatural Stories Volume 2 will be available December 18th, 2023. Look for an open call in April of 2023.