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Cassandra Arnold

Associate Narrator


Cassandra Arnold is the narrator of over 75 full length books currently for sale on Audible and the list is growing! She has been professionally narrating audiobooks for two years and hopes that this exciting passion of hers will be her retirement and exit strategy from the common workplace very soon!

She currently lives in Tucson AZ, and has been happily married to her husband for almost 20 years, has five grown children and 4 grandchildren, two goofy dogs and one aloof cat. Her husband tries desperately to get her to clean the house and cook dinner, but she is far too busy in her tiny recording studio trying to make enough money to hire a maid and a cook.

She has been a passionate and voracious reader her entire life. If she ever takes a break, you would most likely find her on a beach somewhere with the latest
Stephen King book in one hand and a vodka/sugar free red bull in her other hand.

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