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Dead Hookers in Gas Station Bathrooms
Limited Edition

Dead Hookers in Gas Station Bathrooms

Road Trip Horror

Road trips can be memorable, the stuff of dreams. Just you and the family or loved ones out on the open road, taking in the breathtaking scenery, and experiencing adventure and mystery while exploring the world. But the thing about dreams is sometimes they quickly turn to nightmares. 

Experience road trip horror in this limited edition anthology. There will be no other publication of this title except for audiobook.


This will be a very special release as it will be limited to 500 numbered paperbacks and 26 lettered hardcovers. There will be no ebook, nor will their be any non-limited editions in the future. This book will never be available on Amazon or anywhere else...only directly through Sinister Smile Press.

We are accepting pre-orders at this time for both the numbered paperback and the lettered hardcover limited editions.

Once the copies are sold out, we will never print them again and they will only be available on the secondary market.

The books will ship in June of 2023, or sooner. To reserve your copy, click the link below!

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