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Evil comes in fun-sized packages.

Behind the facade of sweetness and light, there lurks a darkness that defies comprehension as the veil of innocence is cruelly stripped away to reveal something far more sinister. Journey through the twisted minds of evil children, those who are born not of childish whimsy, but rather sprout from the seeds of nightmares.

Presenting Evil Little Fucks, a curated anthology of horror stories penned by leading authors in the genre. Traverse a universe where humanity’s own offspring unleash a level of brutality that surpasses the capabilities of most adults. Just remember, you brought them into this world, and you just might have to take them out.

This will be a very special release as it will be limited to 100 numbered hardcover copies and signed by all the authors. This edition will never be available on Amazon or anywhere else...only directly through Sinister Smile Press.

This edition will feature:

  • Laminate hardcover with dust jacket

  • 7" x 10" trim size

  • Customized interior design

  • Built in ribbon bookmark

  • Limited page with number between 1 and 100

  • Signature page signed by all the authors

  • All author signatures are wet signed, not facsimile


We are accepting pre-orders at this time. Title will not go into production until 35% of this title is pre-sold and no later than 6/17/2025. A monthly email will go out updating pre-order customers with the latest status.

Once the copies are sold out, we will never print them again and they will only be available on the secondary market.


Evil Little Fucks Limited Edition

Will go into production when 35% of stock is pre-ordered or no later than 6/17/2025.
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