Sinister Smile Press is now accepting submissions for the following publications:


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  • All submissions will be reviewed after the submission deadline (if applicable) and chosen stories will be published

  • Title, submitter's name, pen name (if different), story word count and author email address must be centered at the top of your submission

  • Submissions must be 12 pt. Times New Roman font, double spaced with special first-line indentation of 0.5"

  • Submissions must be in .Docx or .Doc format with 1" margins all around

  • Submissions should be clean and edited

  • Submissions must fit theme

  • Submissions cannot contain graphic sexual or rape scenes

  • Submissions must not have been published elsewhere before in any medium

  • Submissions must be written using American English spelling and terminology

  • Authors may submit as many entries as they want for review, however, there will be a limit of one published story per author, per volume

  • Additional information may be available on specific volume submission page



Authors that are selected for publication will:

  • Have their story published in the anthology or collaborative novel

  • Receive a one-time payment as outlined under submission details for each title

  • Receive a free paperback copy of the anthology or collaborative novel within 45 days following the release date

  • Have access to buy author copies of paperback and hardcover editions at publisher's cost, plus shipping

  • Agree to sign a Memorandum of Agreement giving permission for the story to be used

  • Additional information may be available on specific volume submission page (Click a cover for more details)


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