A Pile of Bodies, A Pile of Heads

Available September 6, 2021 & September 20, 2021

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The blade slashes then plunges deep into trembling flesh... then the bodies hit the floor...

They stalk their prey from deep in the menacing shadows, poised and ready to strike at the penultimate moment. Their victims unexpectant, unaware, until they wake in dark rooms, dank basements, or on chilly floors stained with the rotting blood of other hapless victims. The stench fills their nostrils and permeates their pores, the bile rising up in their burning throats. They scream and try to escape, but all attempts are futile. Fear dances like spiders down their spines as they hear ominous footsteps approaching--their eyes spread wide in horror as they realize the end is near.

Let the Bodies Hit the Floor is the latest series from Sinister Smile Press, the creators of The Better Off Dead series. These volumes bring you the very best in horror/slasher/stalker/serial killer crime fiction. The more vicious and bloodier, the better. So, put on your pee-pee pants, because you're in for one hell of a dark, sinister journey.

A Pile of Bodies, A Pile of Heads - Let the Bodies Hit The Floor Volumes 1 & 2 contain stories by Steven Pajak, R.E. Sargent and more.

Let the Bodies Hit the Floor Series