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R.E. Sargent

CEO and Editor-in-Chief

R.E. Sargent is the author of several novels,as well as a handful of novelettes. R.E.'s novels include Relative Terror and The Fury-Scorned series.

At a young age, R.E. fell in love with books. While many of the other kids were playing sports, he was reading as many books as he could. He quickly got hooked on mysteries and suspense. It was his love of books and storytelling that led to his passion for writing. One of his biggest inspirations is Dean Koontz.

R.E. currently lives in Oregon with his wife and their two fur-children, Riley and Mason. Riley is a Chocolate Lab and Mason is a Bernese Mountain Dog.


Steven Pajak

COO, Managing Editor and Creative Director

Steven Pajak is the author of novels, such as the U.S. Marshal Jack Monroe series, the Mad Swine trilogy, as well as short stories and novellas. When not writing, Steven works as an administrator at a university.

He continues to be an avid reader of Stephen King and Dean Koontz, John Saul, Richard Matheson, and many other favorite authors in the horror, suspense, thriller and general fiction areas.


Steven lives in the Chicagoland area with his wife and two teens.


Bridgett Nelson

Publishing Assistant

Bridgett Nelson's short story, Political Suicide, will appear in the forthcoming If I Die Before I Wake Volume 3: Tales of Deadly Women and Retribution. This is the first story she has written since her college days, but certainly won't be her last.  A former registered nurse, at heart, she has always been a writer.  Now she is working to make her dreams come true.

In her spare time, Bridgett loves to read and review books, and have lively discussions with the members of her book club.  She's an avid Stephen King fan and has been since she was eight years old. 

Bridgett lives in West Virginia with her husband, Doug, and their children, Parker and Autumn.  Her four fur-babies are also a huge part of her life.  Sal is a 175 pound St. Bernard, while Bodhi, Harlow, and Dexter are all Pugs.  


Jessica Meigs

Associate Editor

Jessica Meigs is the published author of the critically acclaimed The Becoming Series and an editor who has been working in the publishing business for ten years. Since she began freelancing for an assortment of independent authors, she has amassed a sizable collection of clients, ranging from indie authors to mid-sized publishers in a wide variety of genres, including horror, SF&F, romance, mystery, thrillers, and more.


Jessica currently lives in Demopolis, Alabama, where she works at a day job in EMS in order to keep her rotund cat Butters in his ridiculously expensive cat food.



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