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Dead Hookers
in Gas Station

A Road Trip Horror Anthology

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This is a special NUMBERED Limited Edition Publication of 500 copies
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Dead Hookers in Gas Station Bathrooms

Road Trip Horror

There is nothing more exciting than the open road. The sights. The sounds. Even the smells. But as with life, everything can go to hell in the blink of an eye, turning your road trip into a nightmare on rubber. A blown-out tire. A horrific car accident. Getting lost and finding yourself in a place that sends chills up your spine. The toothless grins of the inbred-looking townsfolk as they stare a little too long. The buildings that look like they were abandoned long ago. The gas station that nobody wants to stop at, but it’s the last chance for gas for another ninety-six miles.

So you stop, fill the tank, and quickly try to use the bathroom before you hit the road again. The filthy door is ajar, and you slowly push it open. The dread in your chest has now turned to panic when you walk in and find a dead hooker sprawled out on the gas station bathroom floor. Now you have a choice. Do you call 911 or do you get the hell out of town as fast as your wheels will take you?

From highways to hell, across uncanny bridges, and through haunted towns, join us as we jaunt across America for stories of road trip horror, where anything can and does happen on the open road. And if you’re lucky, it will never happen to you!

Experience road trip horror in this limited edition publication. There will be no other publication of this title except for audiobook.


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