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Open Submissions

Dead Hookers
in Gas Station

A Road Trip Horror Anthology

Sinister Smile Press is accepting submissions until February 15th, 2023 at 11:59 PST.

This is a special NUMBERED Limited Edition Publication of 500 copies
DHIGSB Wrap.jpg

Dead Hookers in Gas Station Bathrooms

Road Trip Horror

Road trips can be memorable, the stuff of dreams. Just you and the family or loved ones out on the open road, taking in the breathtaking scenery, and experiencing adventure and mystery while exploring the world. But the thing about dreams is sometimes they quickly turn to nightmares. 

Experience road trip horror in this limited edition publication. There will be no other publication of this title except for audiobook.


  • Submissions must be between 4,000 and 10,000 words (Word counts are firm)

  • Title, submitter's name, pen name (if different), story word count and author email address must be centered at the top of your submission

  • Submissions must be written using American English spelling and terminology

  • Submissions must be written in 12 pt. Times New Roman font, 1" margins, double spaced with a special first line indention of 0.3"

  • Submissions must not contain headers, footers or page numbers

  • All scene breaks must be three asterisks, centered, with no spaces in between (***)

  • Submissions must be in .Docx or .Doc format

  • Submissions should be clean and edited to the best of author's ability

  • Submissions must contain elements of road trip horror

  • Submissions need not have a dead hooker in the story

  • Submissions may be extreme as the author wants to make them

  • Submissions must not have been published elsewhere before in any medium

  • Authors may only submit one story for this call

  • Simultaneous submissions are allowed, however we ask that you inform us immediately if another publisher picks up your story

  • Dead Hookers in Gas Station Bathrooms will be released in early 2023. Official date TBD

  • Authors will be notified on whether or not their story was accepted within two weeks of submissions closing.

Compensation Information

  • Author will receive a one-time payment per selected story, using the following scale:

    • 4k-6k word story - $30 (USD)

    • 6k-8k word story - $40 (USD)

    • 8k-10k word story - $50 (USD)

  • Receive a free numbered limited edition copy of the anthology within 45 days following the release date

  • Agree to sign a Memorandum of Agreement giving permission for the story to be used in the anthology with exclusive rights for 24 months

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